Phone antivirus,how to protect your personal data on your smartphone

personal data on your smartphone

Antiviruses will prevent you from being overwhelmed by internet pirates. On the other hand, if you lose your mobile phone, you will still be vulnerable. Find below some basic tips to secure your phone.

Change default pin code

To secure your mobile phone, you absolutely must change the default Pin code . It’s even one of the first things to do when buying a new smartphone. The pin code initially filled in is generally far from ensuring maximum security. Indeed, the default Pin code is “0000”, this is probably the first combination that will be tried by the person in possession of your phone.

This is why it is necessary to change your Pin code but it is not to be chosen lightly. Indeed, you must choose a combination that suits you in order to remember it more easily. It could be a milestone in your life or something related to your pet. We still advise you to avoid your birthday or that of your loved ones. Indeed, information like this is a little too basic and can easily be found on social networks for example.

Schedule an automatic backup

To avoid being caught off guard and having your files deleted, you can configure your smartphone to create an automatic backup. This will allow you to secure your cell phone data. To do so on a Samsung device, go to the Samsung Cloud app . Next, tap on the ‘more options’ tab, then on ‘automatic backup and sync settings’. Finally, you will need to select the items you want to save a Samsung Cloud. On the other hand, for the automatic backup to take place, your telephone must be charged and connected to Wifi.

Enable Remote Lock

Lost your unlocked phone? Don’t panic, you will have the option of activating the lock away from home . On iPhone, you will simply have to click on “allow locking and erasing data remotely”. Locking your phone will be done in seconds, so your personal data will be safe. Additionally, you can also ring your phone or send an alert message to the individual in possession of your phone. The latter will be aware that you are looking for the mobile.

Note that once your phone is blocked, call your operator to temporarily suspend your phone line. Thus the use of your phone will be secure. If you have not managed to find your phone within 48 hours, you will have to file a complaint with your IMEI code .

Set up a complicated scheme

So that no one can break into your personal data directly, set up a fairly complex scheme . Indeed, just like the Pin code, the diagram is an effective method to secure your mobile phone, provided that it is not too easy to guess, nor too hard so that you do not even get lost.

Enable “Find My iPhone” or Find My Phone

Lost your phone but can’t remember the exact location? Luckily, you will have the ability to locate your phone or iPhone remotely . This feature will allow you to know fairly quickly where your mobile phone is and to begin the process of recovering it.

For Android the procedure is a bit longer but just as simple. Indeed, first, go to » Android Application Managers”. Then, go to your google account more precisely on “manage your google account”, then on “find a lost device”. Once this is done, choose the device you want to find and enter your identification codes. Finally, click on “locate” and you’re done.

Schedule locking and erasing data remotely

You could locate and lock your mobile phone but you can also program this lock. Indeed, thanks to the Android Device Manager application, you can configure the blocking of your smartphone thanks to a password defined by the services of the application. Thanks to this feature, you can react in a few seconds to the theft or loss of your mobile and thus secure your mobile phone as well as possible.

 Advice from the editorial staff on antiviruses for telephones

First of all, we advise you to install an antivirus. Indeed, as we have seen, it has a very important role in the proper functioning of your mobile phone and in the protection of your personal data. This is perhaps one of the first things to do when buying a new cell phone.

Then, all the tips to secure your phone are effective. On the other hand, you absolutely must put a Pin code that is quite difficult to find and a complex diagram. Indeed without it, an individual could enter your phone before you can locate it, block it or delete the data. The proper application of these methods will limit the risk of having your privacy stolen.

Finally, do not hesitate to locate your phone and send alerts to the thief. This is something to take into account because it can scare away a potential thief and above all you will know where your mobile phone is and so you can try to go get it back.

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