How to use AirDroid Personal to mirror your Android devices to TV?

Android devices

We love playing the game on our phones. It’s fun and relaxed. If you have an Android device and an Android TV, you can easily share your screen to the TV, enjoying a smooth and seamless experience. With it, you can do more things like give a presentation, share the device interface, or even make a slideshow of your family vacation.

Here is a complete method for you. Mirroring your phones to TV is very easy. You can feel free to try!

Step 1: Install AirMirror app on TV, and AirDroid Personal app on Android devices

Download AirMirror apk file from AirDroid Personal official website and then copy the file to TV via memory sticks. Next, connect to your TV to install the AirMirror app.

After installing the AirMirror app on your TV, you need to install the AirDroid Personal client on your Android device, visit Google Play or download the apk file directly from the official AirDroid official website .

Log in to the same personal AirDroid account in both apps.

Step 2: Use “Mirror Screen” to connect your Android devices

After logging into your personal AirDroid account on both sides, open AirMirror on your TV, AirDroid Personal on your Android device so that your devices appear on the list. So you do the following things:

If you see your device’s screen on the TV, you are successfully connected! You can enjoy streaming content on your phone using the big TV screen!

Above all, it is important to protect your personal data from a security point of view. Indeed, if you drop your phone in the street, it can end up in the hands of anyone. Therefore, someone inattentive could have access to your personal information (address, contacts, etc.) and to your files such as photos or videos. In short, it is essential to protect your personal data because a stranger should not have access to all your private life.

Also, even when you don’t lose your phone, you need to protect your personal data. Indeed, your mobile may very well be infected with any virus that could delete all your files. This is why it is also essential to install an antivirus on your phone to secure your data and thus not lose everything overnight.

Your personal details are important and should not be seen by anyone. Protect them so as not to put yourself in danger.

What is the best free cell phone antivirus?

To secure your mobile phone, there are antiviruses for mobile phones whether you have an Android or an iPhone. In addition, you will not necessarily have to put your hand in your wallet because these antiviruses are completely free . Check it out in detail below.

Which Android antivirus for tablets and smartphones?

To effectively protect your files, you have the option of installing an antivirus compatible with Android devices. Below is a list of 4 completely free Android antiviruses:

The first antivirus that we present to you is the Avira Mobile Security . It is undoubtedly one of the best antiviruses in the market thanks to its high-flying features. Indeed, it has a rootkit detector and a VPN. In addition, each problem detected by Avira is accompanied by a button to solve the problem from your phone.

Then there is the Sophos Intercept X which will allow you to not click on any link. Indeed, this antivirus detects harmful links and protects you from scams and malicious websites. It is a powerful antivirus that stands out for its root checker to find out if someone has already tried to break into your smartphone. The Sophos Intercept X has support but only by email.

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